Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mica de Verteuil: A sign of Hope for Haiti

Mica de Verteuil is a genuine hero in Haiti who has been maintaining 11 schools in rural areas in and around the Jérémie in southwestern Haiti, helping to finance them with the exquisitely handmade tablecloths that the local women in the area produce. She has been doing this, without any government support, for many years.

The BBC recently did a profile on Mica that all those who think Haiti is a hopeless case should watch. It can be viewed here.

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saelizee said...

Mica has done a lot of good for Haiti. She and her husband Patrick founded the project Paradis des Indiens, which enabled her to open up schools educating the youth of Haiti for many years. As a result of her good work she has been nominated as a finalist of "The World Challenge 2007" competition sponsored by BBC, Newsweek and Shell. This competition rewards individuals or groups that truly make a difference through enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level. Please go and vote Mica, if she wins her organization will be granted 20,000 dollars. To vote please go to