Saturday, May 11, 2013

Attacks against Radio Télé Ginen

Journalists from the Haitian news outlet Radio Télé Ginen attempting to cover the May 8 court appearance of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide - who was being questioned in connection with the April 2000 murder of journalist Jean Dominique - were reportedly attacked, as was their vehicle, by Mr. Aristide's partisans. Both the Association des Médias Indépendants d’Haïti (AMIH) and the Association Nationale des Médias Haïtiens (ANMH) have condemned this incident, which is reminiscent of the hostility and violence towards the press displayed by Mr. Aristide's government and his Fanmi Lavalas political party before and during his 2001-2004 tenure in office.

For the AMIH and ANMH declarations (in French), please see the following links: L’AMIH condamne aussi l’attaque de manifestants pro-Lavalas contre Radio Télé Ginen and L’ANMH condamne l’agression contre Télé Ginen.

Video footage of some of the attacks in embedded below.