Sunday, July 21, 2013

In Tribute to Thony Belizaire

The great Haitian photographer Thony Belizaire, who for many years worked with Agence France-Presse and expertly and sensitively covered some of his country's most tumultuous times over several decades, passed away at a hospital in Port-au-Prince on Sunday. The Haitian website AlterPresse has an article (in French) on his passing here.

Thony was a great friend to those of us who worked in Haiti and, like so many Haitian journalists I have met over the years, a true inspiration in the level of professionalism and dedication he maintained even in the face of frequent adversity that would have overwhelmed lesser individuals.

Rest in peace, my brave friend.

You will be missed.


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jeanjacobjeudy said...

Haiti just lost one of her best. This Photojournalist has shown Haiti to the world, when Haiti was at her best, when Haiti was at her low. Rest In Peace my friend, we will always miss you. I Jean-Jahkob Jeudy Radiocaciquedhaiti remember when I was a young reporter in the street of Haiti, covering the news, Thony always looked out for us when the military was coming to hurt us, he always told us, ''hey man, be careful guys, the Soldiers are coming, take cover!!!!''...