Thursday, June 23, 2011

Message to the Nation of President Martelly

Message to the Nation of President Martelly

Haitian people,

As required in the constitution of the country, I had chosen Pierre Daniel Gérard Rouzier as Prime Minister. As you heard the news, the Chamber of Deputies with the power of the Constitution, took the decision to put aside [my choice]. Many people were surprised to see what reasons they gave for not voting for him. I regret the decision that the Deputies took, it's a decision that prevented the country to have the services of an honest citizen, who wanted to work for the people, for his country and which is right in his life. This decision slowed all the possibilities that allow to change my promises into realities. Now I am forced to see what happened and I have to sit down again to discuss with the President of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies to choose a new prime minister. I must tell you, we do not know how long, the Parliament will take, before ratifying another Prime Minister [...] Meanwhile, I can not accept that the battle against cholera stops, that the battle against garbage in the street stops, the battle to put the country back on track stops, that the battle against the problems of people under tents stops that my free school program for children stops, because my government can not be installed, to start working for the people.

It is necessary right now, that I take some decisions and I'll take them. I convene the outgoing Prime Minister, Jean Max Bellerive, to look at the ways that exist to enable the Government and the offices of the state to function as they should, to begin to provide solutions to solve the problems of the population. It's time for my vision and my program starts to spread, it's time, that the country is unlocked.

I continue to believe that the Parliament will do what it must do to solve the problems of the Haitian people the way it should. I take this opportunity to compliment all the people, for this beautiful exercise of democracy, when you decided not to take the street and you let the parliamentarians work in peace. Similarly, I hope that the parliamentarians will be aware that the country can no longer wait and that the people are tired and in pain. Once again, I repeat, Haiti must come before any personal interests. I am asking to the Haitian people that suffers, that awaits, which has the hope in a better life, to continue to have confidence. Change will happen and Haiti will change anyway.

Tet Kalé

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