Monday, August 13, 2007

Roody Kernisant (Lame Ti Manchèt) se mouri

Roody Kernisant, a leader of the dreaded Lame Ti Manchèt, one of the deadliest of the armed bands that terrorized the residents of the Port-au-Prince district of Martissant in recent years, has reportedly “committed suicide.”

This is an extraordinarily un-Haitian and convenient end to a man who no doubt knew things that could have made many powerful people in Haiti quite uncomfortable but, according to Radio Kiskeya, cornered by a joint United Nations (MINUSTAH) and Police Nationale d'Haiti (PNH) patrol, Kernisant, implicated in the murder of 18 police officers and dozens of civilians, shot himself in the head with his own .38.

If accurate, Kernisant’s suicide would make a first in my experience of having observed Haitian gang leaders for nearly a decade, who in my experience prefer to go down guns blazing, taking as many of their opponents with them as they can.

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